The aim of this game is to guess the color and placement of four colored pegs the computer has selected at random from the open trays on the right. Warning, any color may be used more than once in the randomly selected code.

For obvious reasons you are not allowed to play with fewer than two colors and the maximum is eight. First select which colors you want to play with. The defult set contains six colors, like the classic game. You can add either one or both of the additional colors (located at the bottom of the color tray) to play with seven or eight instead of the standard six. Click on the covered color to reveal it before you hit the start button and the color will be in the game.

Start filling the holes at the bottom row with colored pegs, and each time you have completed a guess (i.e. filled all four holes) and pressed the Guess button the computer will respond by giving you one peg for each correct color - black for every correct color in the right place, and white if it is a correct color in the wrong place. (But you will not be informed about which colors are correct. That part you will have to figure out for yourself.)

If you haven't managed to guess the sequence by your tenth guess, the computer will reveal it to you and the game ends.